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International Transport Treaties

International Transport Treaties

Author: H. Schadee , M. H. Claringbloud

This looseleaf contains the text of conventions, protocols, etc., within the various fields of transport law: maritime law, inland navigation, air law, road transport, transport by railway and miscellaneous, in chronological order. The publication aims to save time and trouble to all who are concerned with the application, the interpretation, or the drafting of transport law and regulations. The texts are given in English as well as in French, if this is the authentic version or the official translation. They are accompanied by a systematic and chronological table of contents in English and French to facilitate easy and quick reference. Dates of signature, ratification and accession, and entry into force, as well as details of proviso applicable to some treaties and protocols are updated four times a year in 'Transport News', an extra service provided to the subscribers to Transport .

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