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Summer Solstice Shenanigans

Summer Solstice Shenanigans

Author: Martha Carr , E. G. Bateman , Jamie Davis

Number of pages: 664

A full-moon solstice. Let the magic flow. Feel the power. Fae come out to play, vampires are caged between dusk and dawn, and werewolves howl. Do they howl?On this one fateful night, out come the witches, demons, vampires, shifters, and fantastic creatures in a celebration of magic and mayhem. Some spells can only be cast or curses broken on this rare, enchanted night.If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path but beware of getting forever lost. There's trouble around every corner amidst the glow of the supernatural.This summer solstice anthology includes twenty-five brand new, never before published, urban fantasy short stories from international bestselling authors as well as exciting new talent.

Tâches d'encre

Tâches d'encre

Author: H. Jay Siskin , Cheryl L. Krueger , Maryse Fauvel

Number of pages: 207

Using a process-writing approach, this third-year composition text helps students master writing skills and gain confidence as writers. The text is set up in a workbook format and is written entirely in French, except for the first chapter. Students broaden their repertoire of related speech acts, vocabulary, grammatical structures, and stylistic elements through three major sections. Each chapter features a model text—a literary piece, journalistic selection, or informal writing—that represents the Francophone world. In Analyse stylistique and Analyse structurelle exercises, students analyze writing style, organization, techniques, the role of images, and the use of verb tenses. Writing strategies checklists have been added to reinforce key points students should remember when composing essays in French. Model essays written by their peers help students gain confidence that they can compose essays in French without having to be professional writers. Supported by writing strategy instruction, application exercises, and editing activities, each chapter guides students through the stages of pre-writing and drafting, from generating, selecting, and ordering ideas, to revising,...

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