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The Bright Side and the Dark Side of Patient Empowerment

The Bright Side and the Dark Side of Patient Empowerment

Author: Rocco Palumbo

Number of pages: 85

Patient empowerment as a key component in the future of healthcare systems is the focus of this concise in-depth analysis. It begins by defining patient empowerment as a collaborative partnership linking patients, providers, and systems, and examines the roles of health literacy, provider-patient and system-patient communication, and patient-centered care in the empowerment process. Models of positive and negative empowerment identify optimum conditions when patient and provider participate in service design and delivery as well as pitfalls and risks to patient and system when goals and input are mismatched. The book also translates concepts into practice with guidelines for empowerment strategies at the provider and organization levels to improve patient outcomes and system sustainability. Included in the coverage: · Empowering healthcare organizations to empower patients · A re-design of the patient-provider partnership · Patient empowerment: a requisite for sustainability · The risks of value co-destruction in service systems · The need for enlightening and managing the dark side of patient empowerment · Disentangling the relationship between individual health literacy...

Sin imagen

Livres vernaculaires français

Author: Andrew Pettegree , Malcolm Walsby , Alexander S. Wilkinson

Reconstruction Européenne

Reconstruction Européenne

Author: OCSE = OECD. , OECD , Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques , Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , Organization For Economic Co-Operation And Development Staff

Number of pages: 175

Initially set up for the purpose of distributing Marshall Plan aid, the OEEC played a major role in the progress of the western European countries towards post-war recovery. The annotated list of the OEEC's individual publications and periodicals shows the extent of its contribution to this end. Every effort has been made to indicate the latest stage of research concerning the items listed. The founding charter of the OEEC and a selective chronology of events have been added to facilitate the study of the beginnings of European reconstructions as well as an understanding of the background of the historical archives of the OEEC which have finally been opened to the public. L'OECE, chargée initialement de répartir et d'administrer l'aide du Plan Marshall, a joué un rôle essentiel dans l'effort de redressement des pays d'Europe occidentale dans l'après-guerre. La liste commentée des ouvrages et périodiques de l'OECE permet de mesurer l'ampleur de sa contribution. La présentation des ouvrages et articles tente de faire le point sur l'état le plus récent des recherches. Pour faciliter l'étude des débuts de la reconstruction européenne et l'analyse des archives historiques...

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