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e-Consumers in the Era of New Tourism

e-Consumers in the Era of New Tourism

Author: Erkan Sezgin

Number of pages: 139

This book focuses on the role of e-consumers and e-marketing in the era of new tourism. It addresses themes such as the tourism "prosumer" at work, the evolution of tourism services, the collaboration and co-creation, as well as the e-complaint behavior of e-consumers in tourism. It also discusses topics such as mobile marketing, gamification as a marketing communication tool, the impact of social media on tourism consumers, and the use of e-loyalty programs in the accommodation sector. Students taking e-marketing and market research courses in tourism can use this work as a source book for the principles of new marketing management. e-Consumers in the Era of New Tourism serves as a helpful resource for practitioners, as well as researchers and students of e-marketing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Author: Tang Xinxing

Number of pages: 320

At present, the virtual reality has impact on information organization and management and even changes design principle of information systems, which will make it adapt to application requirements. The book aims to provide a broader perspective of virtual reality on development and application. First part of the book is named as "virtual reality visualization and vision" and includes new developments in virtual reality visualization of 3D scenarios, virtual reality and vision, high fidelity immersive virtual reality included tracking, rendering and display subsystems. The second part named as "virtual reality in robot technology" brings forth applications of virtual reality in remote rehabilitation robot-based rehabilitation evaluation method and multi-legged robot adaptive walking in unstructured terrains. The third part, named as "industrial and construction applications" is about the product design, space industry, building information modeling, construction and maintenance by virtual reality, and so on. And the last part, which is named as "culture and life of human" describes applications of culture life and multimedia-technology.

Advances in Smart Vehicular Technology, Transportation, Communication and Applications

Advances in Smart Vehicular Technology, Transportation, Communication and Applications

Author: Yong Zhao , Tsu-Yang Wu , Tang-Hsien Chang , Jeng-Shyang Pan , Lakhmi C. Jain

Number of pages: 373

This book highlights papers presented at the Second International Conference on Smart Vehicular Technology, Transportation, Communication and Applications (VTCA 2018), which was held at Mount Emei, Sichuan Province, China from 25 to 28 October 2018. The conference was co-sponsored by Springer, Southwest Jiaotong University, Fujian University of Technology, Chang’an University, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Fujian Provincial Key Lab of Big Data Mining and Applications, and the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Electronic Information and Electrical Technology Education (Fujian University of Technology). The conference was intended as an international forum for researchers and professionals engaged in all areas of smart vehicular technology, vehicular transportation, vehicular communication, and applications.

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